The effects can last for over 20 minutes, and it’s used by military and the police globally as a deterrent against threatening behavior. With the passage of time and especially if the product remains unused, the pressure inside the canister is reduced, and it is this that compromises the spray’s effectiveness, and in particular, it’s useful range. Though they both contain the same active ingredient — oleoresin capsicum, bear spray contains a much lower concentration. Wind will greatly alter the efficacy of any spray. Although to be fair, most bear sprays have quite a wide cone of effect anyways. The point is to cause the bear to back off rather than to do any real harm. Your email address will not be published. Frontiersman Bear Spray. All factors being equal, a bear spray with more fluid and a longer spray time ranks higher on our list. Unfortunately, despite claims of being “the most trusted bear spray brand” even a visit to the company’s website in June of 2020 didn’t list any real details. The first clear danger of homemade self-defense spray is the composition. Worse than that though, when used in a targeted spray it can cause intense burning pain, swelling of the eyelids, temporary blindness and difficulty breathing. You will just encourage the bear to come after you. Frontiersman Bear Spray with Chest or Belt Holster. Hint: Spray is proven through many studies to be equally or more effective at stopping bear attacks than guns and it weighs less when you have to carry it on the trail. In terms of strength, bear spray has about 2% CRC (Capsaicin and Related Capsaicinoids) and human spray only has about 1.33% CRC. Use. Hence why you are using the spray in the first place. Of course, the final performance is affected by wind and accuracy. I often refer to it as "pepper soup." A: This seems to be the sentiment of many would-be outdoors people. A: Bear spray won’t cause any permanent damage or injury. Just read their article about guns vs spray right here. A bear spritzed with pepper spray gets a good spanking—“Hey! However, the big difference in bear spray and human pepper spray is the bear spray has to pass tests done by the Environmental Protection Agency, to ensure it’s humane. So we’re here to guide you through our top tips and recommendation for choosing a good formula with our Best Bear Spray review. Best For: Long spray time in a smaller bottle. Bear spray is intended to be used to deter an aggressive or charging bear. Required fields are marked *. A bear spray is similar but not the same as it delivers a significantly lower l concentration of the active chili based ingredient. Run – You are NOT going to outrun a bear so don’t do it. When it’s time for the rubber to meet the road, you want as much time as possibly to hit your target and deter the bear, right? It is specifically designed to be delivered in a fog cloud pattern which means less aiming and more hitting. Bear spray is a modern and safe, non-toxic deterrent that could offer some much-needed protection for humans but without physically harming the bear. It has a very long range of 30 feet and shoots out a massive amount of spray per second. Sprayed into the air, if a bear walks into the mist, it burns their eyes and nose acting as a deterrent. As anyone knows who’s inadvertently chopped a chili then rubbed their eyes afterward, boy does it sting! On top of that, it also has a formulation that features the highest level of capsaicin content legally permissible at 2% plus delivers an effective 30-foot range, so you’re not having to get too up close and personal with that bear! However, they are different in that pepper spray contains much more of the active ingredient and the symptoms pepper spray causes a human are much more intense.. Bear mace is also designed to be used in … One thing that’s missing from our information is the spray duration. There are tons of videos out there of users actually testing different brands in the field. A: Yeah, you can. If you live in Montana, you’ve always got to be on alert because it has a huge population of black bears and some grizzlies too. It affects the eyes, causing severe pain and closure. 100% Reader-Supported. Bear spray is about the last thing I would expect to be customizable, yet I seem to be wrong. A large caliber handgun is what most hunting/fishing guides in Alaska recommend in addition to spray. As already mentioned, your best strategy is to avoid an encounter altogether, be vigilant for signs of recent activity and if in doubt, make plenty of noise! Though it is a beneficial tool, it should not be the only protective measure you take against a dangerous encounter. However, this isn’t necessarily bad because you get nearly the same performance out of a smaller, lighter canister for hikers. Learn More About How We Research, Evaluate, And Why You Can Trust Us Here. Included with your purchase is also a handy 32-page bear safety tips booklet as, after all, keeping yourself safe is every bit as important as being able to defend your camp. Particularly a big angry one intent on destroying you. Bear Spray vs. Bullets Which offers better protection? Bear pepper spray can be an important thing to carry when exploring the back country. Guard Alaska. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. No reason to skimp on safety when it comes to getting mauled by an angry bear. They need to hold your bear spray securely so it won’t fall out on the trail. Not bad. After all, aren’t guns made to kill, while pepper spray (so-called “bear spray,” when it comes in big cans) does not? The writers at Outside Magazine have done the legwork for you. Is it just me or does it seem like Alaskan bear spray is a popular thing? Okay I gotta be honest, most of the important facts I listed above aren’t really statistics perse but they are cool! Of course, you probably already know that, don’t you? Your bear spray is totally useless if it’s backed at the bottom of your backpack to ensure that you carry it in a holster or have it attached to one of the external straps of your pack ready to grab if you are unfortunate enough to need it. Most bear spray works heavily based on one main ingredient. Best For: A long duration spray that will keep putting out a jet of capsaicin for almost 8 seconds! } Guard Alaska Bear Spray 4-Pack. The spray is measured in feet, and you will find the ranges vary from 15 – 40 feet with most coming in at around the 20-30 foot rage. Well… it’s hard to say. Previously police used tear gas, or CS gas, but PAVA is … In fact it’s so important that even a great holster can’t offset poor performance in this category. This powerful bear spray developed by the well-respected company, UDAP, disperses its active ingredients quickly and efficiently. Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray Bike Holster $29. Bear deterrent is quite like pepper spray, in fact, you could go as far as to say that it is a special type of pepper spray designed to work against bears. We say bear’s beware! That means more users will be able to find a good and accessible fitment option for their needs which I think is important. At 7.9 ounces, this isn’t one you’d want for everyday carry (there’s also a 9.2oz option). Years of experience have taught me to pack light. A: Ideally, you should use just enough bear spray to deter the bear from approaching any closer towards you and your camp, providing you with adequate time to make your own getaway. "@context": "", Depending upon where in the world you live and how remote the regions are that you venture into for your weekend camping or backpacking trips, you might be unfortunate enough to come across a bear. No Ads. This holster won’t win awards for tactical holster of the year, but it’ll get the job done. Most sprays will provide a performance time of 3-5 seconds only which might not seem like a lot, but it’s definitely ample time to stop a bear firmly in its tracks while you make a measured (no running please!) Effectiveness & Formula - Most bear sprays are heavily biased towards just the one active ingredient which is a derivative of the chili pepper. There may only be a few products on this recommended guide, but you can rest assured that they come from reputable brands and have all garnered plenty of positive consumer reviews. SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 9.2 oz (Holster Options & Multi-Pack Options) — Maximum Strength, Maximum Range & Greatest Protective Barrier Per Burst! Spray distance is measured in feet on most bear spray specification sheets. 5. Mace Brand Triple Action: Best for Pockets. Little has changed since then because they’re still just doing it right consistently. As we mentioned above, the holster design is critical to a good bear spray. In the rare instance then that you do encounter an aggressive bear, that’s when your spray will be required. A: A pepper spray is designed for civilian self-defense and contains the same chemical that is found in chili peppers, known as oleoresin capsicum. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. Know the type of bear – If you get attacked by a black bear, do everything you can to defend yourself, try and punch him in his nose if possible. That said, it may leave more room for accidental loss because the plastic holster is semi-open and the canister is held in only by snap pressure. Don’t be a cheap-o here folks. Comes with your choice of belt or chest holster, Delivers a rapid heavy fog of spray for your added defense. If the worst should happen, it’s critical that your bear spray is ready to use and available at hand! If you’re still not sure which bear spray to get just do a little research on YouTube. While it’s not going to win awards for ingenuity, it might take the cake for affordability. If it’s potent enough (and if it hits it’s intended target) the stuff will stop a threat immediately in their tracks.This makes pepper spray an excellent tool for survival, preparedness, and everyday self-defense. UDAP is dedicated as a company to providing quality, professional products for the outdoors, camping and hunting enthusiasts among you. The contents are dispersed in a highly pressurized way which means that the fluid will get quickly used up too. Fortunately bear spray is a modern safe and effective bear deterrent that leaves no lasting harm on these burly creatures while protecting us. SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 9.2 oz (Holster Options & Multi-Pack Options) — Maximum Strength, Maximum Range & Greatest Protective Barrier Per Burst! Pepper spray is one of the most effective non-lethal forms of self-defense.. It merely acts as temporary and uncomfortable deterrent providing you with a bit of breathing space to take action yourself. At nearly 10 seconds of spray time in a 7.9 ounce bottle, you’ll be delivering less fluid per second than the Counter Assault model. To get protection against the bear, as a self-defense spray is used that is known as bear spray. We keep going back the caveat “proper use” but proper use of bear spray is essential to deterring and type of bear. SABRE includes one of my favorite features of a  great bear spray… a chest holster! Nowhere in the company’s specifications could I turn up a number for output or spray duration. We also like the fact that it comes with a plastic holster, so you can fit it to your belt or bag – just make sure it’s somewhere you can access immediately.Â, The Counter Assault Bear Deterrent Spray was developed in conjunction with the University of Montana. No where on the product page could I find a definitive testing list of distance or spray time. There’s tons of great info and research out there so I encourage all of you to seek additional understanding if interested. Hot pepper spray with a 2% active concentrate, Features a glow in the dark safety clip and chain. The aim is to spray slightly above the bears ahead as gravity will cause the spray to fall down towards the eye area. If you have a bear spray canister and want to transport it in town for protection, it’s not the best idea as it would still be considered illegal. Some of it, to be honest, is a little bit confusing. We do our homework first! Of course, I can’t be sure exactly what testing factors they used to determine those distances, but an average of 32 feet of range isn’t bad at all. How to Use Bear Spray - Banff National Park. When it comes down to it, any bear spray that averages close to upper 20’s and 30 feet or so is a decent performer in my bag. All in all, this is a reliable and proven bear deterrent with a good range and a potent concentration of active ingredients. Just remember that bear attacks are never expected so you should always be prepared. I can’t even tell you how often bear questions get thrown at us hikers. Bear spray contains 1–2% capsaicin and related capsaicinoids, the key active ingredients. There are a couple of crucial things to be on the lookout for when you are purchasing a Bear Spray, not least their active ingredient content. No panicking trying to locate in your survival backpack as that grizzly bear makes its way towards your camp. While it’s highly unlikely that they will attack as they actually don’t really like us, humans, that much, especially if we are especially noisy ones, forearmed is always best! Holsters are a big one for me as you already know. If the bear doesn’t charge – Then you should back away slowly, don’t make any sudden movements. "bestRating": "5.00", Once deployed into the face of a bear, the stream of chili pepper fueled disability will last plenty long enough for you to get away. I think it’s safe to assume that it will dispense the 9 ounces of spray in 3 – 10 seconds but I can’t confirm that. 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