Nanny Care@Home

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Nanny Care @Home

Looking for Nanny Care support in your own home? Nanny is typically a mommy’s helper who can step in right from the pre-delivery period. They are experienced in taking care of very little ones. You can choose a nanny to serve you for few hours and she can stay permanently round the clock with mother and baby.

Its responsibility includes eyes care, cord care, skin care etc. and recovery of a mother. Slowly it encompass care to ensure healthy mental, a physical and emotional growth of the infant. 

The Closest Thing To Being Cared For Is To Care For Someone Else

Working Parents

  • In this situations, leaving your leaving your child in a creche may not be an option when your baby is very small, you can best get the arrangement from us to take care in your own home which will help you to get away to your job. 

Pre Delivery Care

  • In this period a mother always need an extra help. That’s where a nanny can ensure that the instructions given by the doctor are best followed and ensure no compromise in mother’s care.

Post Delivery Care

A mother’s require lots of rest during this period. A  nanny  will generally have the  responsibility  which can include but are not limited to childcare, light housekeeping, meal preparation, helping mother in breastfeeding, laundry etc.

Add On Services

Ambulance and Paramedics in case of an emergency | Medicine Delivery | BP Apparatus, Sanitizers and Other Medical Equipments

Responsibilities of nanny @home

Keeping face and mouth clean all time.

Handle the delicate Birth Cord with Care, clean it till the time it dried up.

Bathe and sponge the new born with care.

Do oiling and massage of the new born infant with care.

Take care of diapers / nappies or the infant.

Prepare feed for the infant and feed through bottle / spoon etc.

Play with infants when they are slightly grown up.

Keep baby bottles sterlized to prevent infections.

Ensure Hygiene and Cleanliness of infants and its surroundings.

Why Medilane@Home

Handle Emergency

Manage Emergencies related to staff and patient at home.

Verified, Trained & Experienced Professionals

Serving health care at home with pride as we give due importance to identify verification, qualification, refresher training and experience while screening.

Manage Replacements

Our 24 hours home service ensures someone is always there for the care of your loved one through backup arrangements and timely swaps.

We've been there. We understand.

We specialize in providing highly intensive
home nursing to patients, across ages and ailments.