Elder Care@Home

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Elder Care @Home

Looking for Elder Care support in your own home? Medilane@Home act as a close companion to your loved ones and are compassionate about maintaining good hygiene, diet, and medications as guided by you or your family doctor. Home care plays an active role in promoting the mental health of your loved one through various activities such as by listening and talking to them. To provide the bestĀ care for old age person, we make emotional connections with them and infuse with a high level of patience and politeness.

The Closest Thing To Being Cared For Is To Care For Someone Else

Paralytic Patient Care@Home

  • Care for semi or fully bed-ridden elderly’s. We help in almost all daily living activities on the bed and prevent them for further health issues through continuous positioning, massage, exercises, and movements in-and-around to the extent possible

Old Age Care @Home

  • Basic Healthcare by our staff can be availed during Day or Night or on Resident/24 hours basis, to take good care of health including care of hygiene, diet, medication, physical assistance in movements with walker/wheelchair.

Dementia Care @Home

  • Specialized care for elders with neurodegenerative disorder services or Alzheimer. We act as the brain for your loved one and help fight memory loss and keeping them involved in the mental activities and continuously look after them to avoid any untoward incidence

Stroke Patient Care@Home

  • Our multidisciplinary team of stroke physiotherapists work closely and come up with a holistic treatment plan with various medical services and equipment to aid in a smooth recovery, helping stroke survivors return to independent living.

Domiciliary Care @Home

  • We act as a personal care for seniors at your own home, right from the assistance with washing and dressing in the morning to aiding with toileting during the day. With our Domiciliary care services, let us help elders in maintaining their quality of life and independence.

Parkinson Care @Home

  • Specialized care for elders with less control over neuromuscular movements, such seniors need physical support for eating, sitting, walking, sleeping to prevent falling/slipping. It is must that someone stays around during any physical activity
Why Medilane@Home

Handle Emergency

Manage Emergencies related to staff and patient at home.

Verified, Trained & Experienced Professionals

Serving health care at home with pride as we give due importance to identify verification, qualification, refresher training and experience while screening.

Manage Replacements

Our 24 hours home service ensures someone is always there for the care of your loved one through backup arrangements and timely swaps.

FAQs On Elder Care@Home

Personal care for seniors at their own homes and help elders in maintaining their quality of life and independence. Domiciliary care helps people with disability or illness, from which they may suffer, and allows them to attain and maintain independence, in the comfort of their own home.

  • Diet and Medication.
  • Health check-ups and counselings.
  • Understand the elderly and their needs.
  • Helping with personal care like washing, toilet assistance, and dressing, etc.

We provide 24 X 7 serviceĀ 

As the price varies for each service, we’ll like you to call us for further queries.

We've been there. We understand.

We specialize in providing highly intensive
home nursing to patients, across ages and ailments.